About us

Mission Statement

Hair Bible’s sole mission is to produce a healthy hair line that responds to unanswered questions while meeting the legitimate needs of women and their hair care.

This initial line will provide you with the necessities to jump-start your healthy hair journey. Future plans entail extending the line with products that are just as important but address
more cosmetic concerns such as styling products and more.


  • We believe in the process and the education it takes to achieve hair goals. Our process isn’t a quick fix, or a one size fit all. It is made to fit your needs and treat the underlying issues of natural hair to help women achieve desired results.
  • We believe that this process takes time and won’t happen overnight. However, it happens, a permanent change in the health of your hair will occur.
  • We believe that it is pertinent that we produce and maintain the integrity of a rich, clean product that delivers extraordinary results.